"Skvader" half Hare half Capercaillie - Foto Taken from http://www.biologiskamuseet.com/

Paintings and Stuffed Animals

"Skvader" half Hare half Capercaillie - Foto Taken from http://www.biologiskamuseet.com/

“Skvader” half Hare half Capercaillie – Foto Taken from http://www.biologiskamuseet.com/

Am going to begin with some childish, cursing, jealous behaviour… So be warned!

Am a bad loser… a very very bad loser and I should know better than to enter a contest.

This Artsy girl on  YouTube started this collaboration contest. The rules were simple. Draw a picture, background, character w/e… 3 people will win a collaboration painting with her with the picture you had made AND you would get a good quality print of the painting….. Fun! Ill enter! I don’t care if I lose!!! <33333333

Yeah right…

I don’t know what it is…. I don’t.. I d… Fuck it!

…I should not judge and the average age was 12 and I am 29…….oh well “Taste is like the Ass….split!”

The good thing about loosing though is that I could use my sketch myself! So I did…. And it turned out awesome! And I doubt the girl that made the competition could make it any better herself. She’s just very good at marketing herself and she’s brave enough to show herself on YouTube… Don’t get me wrong this girl is good at painting and she knows her stuff but… when you make a sketch its hard not to build up a finished idea in your head before the sketch is even done. I do like this girl… It’s just that the last 5 months all she really does is try promote and market her art and make her members buy as much as possible… Her channel is now sadly more of a commercial channel than a fun, inspiring channel that you look forward to every time she uploads. I mean a bit of commercial sure! Fine! That’s all good…. But not all the time please…

Anyway! Here is my sketch…

She’s adorable! Was almost sad sending her off to the competition… I guess deep down inside I was happy I didn’t win anything, Cause now she was all mine! Sugar sweet fluffy Gillian Gluttony!

She’s not done yet but she is soon! So far she looks like this…

I have been trying to sell my paintings on Swedish Ebay… With some luck. They are going for like 4-6 Euros…think am going to add a 0 on that soon… as they seem to sell very fast. :s 4-6 is Not much but at least I get my name out there! Maybe I should be brave and do something on YouTube…. Seems to be working for the other artists.

Some paintings though …. I am so in love with so to pack them up and send them away hurts! a lot! But you can’t save them all, I would end up having to rent a room somewhere for my paintings only.

I think I will try Etsy. I have heard good things about that shop but am not sure if its the right shop for me. We will see, first I have to finish my paintings. I have 2 more am trying to complete before I take any decisions on where to put them up for a sale.

And to the other thing… Stuffed Animals?

Ah yes… my lovely grandmother has helped me get a extra job! its fantastic… The Biological Museum, Stockholm!

“The museum contains collections of Scandinavian mammals and birds in
their natural, ecological habitat. The vast diorama, which can be viewed from two levels, presents the different types of landscape from inland Sweden as well as from the coast. On the ground floor there are two smaller dioramas showing Spetsbergen (a cave from the Arctic Ocean) and a valley on eastern Greenland.”http://www.biologiskamuseet.com/

My coworkers are ONE very nice lady and 2 very nice birds…

 One stuffed but tough Goshawk!

and a very fluffy Tawny Owl….

This job is perfect for me. This museum has gone very unpopular in the latest 20 years as new, more exciting museums have been built in Stockholm so…. There is not a lot of guests. At least not right now. So what I will be doing is sitting there being nice to the few guests that will come and then I will paint! And use Mr Owl and Miss Hawk here as reference! And this museum is so awesome as it has all the Swedish animals here so I have a whole museum to use as a teacher and to give me inspiration! It is just amazing.

Now I just need to find an apartment within 3 months before I will have to sleep on the streets…. Life is good!

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5 thoughts on “Paintings and Stuffed Animals

  1. Damn, your art is awesome. Fierce!

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