Graffiti “trash” artists….

It’s very rare, well a bit rare really that I go for a walk. But when the spring says “hello!” You kind of need to take a walk to see the world change. The naked trees starting to get their green leaves back, spring flowers growing in every corner, people taking their bikes out again and the winter coats getting burned.

Today here in Stockholm in the town Tyresö it was the most wonderful spring weather so far in 2012. The sky was so blue and there was no wind at all. Me and Mr D decided to take a walk.. A little adventure in the woods on the other side of the road… woooo I know right.. The other side! Spooky…..

We saw a squirrel, some ol tents homeless people probably use, a big tree that has fallen down during the winterand pine-trees… lots and lots of pine-trees. We walked for about 30 minutes in the woods. Photographing everything from small flowers to weird looking lumps on trees….damn perverted trees!!! Guess not only humans get frisky in spring time…

Then all of a sudden in the middle of the forest this appears….

A small shack… like a tree house but unfinished. It might have looked good once but today it was rotten woods and no roof. An old car hood and lots of old wood planks… what was amazing with this random shack you can probably see from the pictures… the Art on it. Was so random but with the contrast of the woods it blow my mind. This was a real work of art. You know when you look through a magazine and get stuck on a picture, a picture that you can’t get out of your head. This shack was like this for me… so randomly place in the woods… all alone, colorful and just standing there… loved it!

After soaking up this shack of color and taking alot of pictures my phone started to cry so we moved on… but less the 5 minutes went past and we saw something that stunned us again……

A wall of Graffiti……

Now this is not the best graffiti art in the world but again… with the green spring woods as a contrast to this Odyssey of colors… on a man-made wall in the middle of the woods… beautiful!

These artists are probably in the beginning stages of there ” destroy government and tax payers stuff” career…. But I have to give them credit for the place. I have to go back here and take more photos one day. This just gave me a smile on my face and I will not forget this place. Hopefully the art will get better though when the artists gets better. Because if you only look at the art and block out the surrounding… its just dog-shit and baboon-anus art. But with the trees…. Bliss

And now… to the rant…

This art could have been so much better if the idiots that has made it cleaned up the area as well. MY GOD it was trashy. Spray cans, food boxes, containers, plastic caps and bottles, tape, mugs, textiles, more cans, paint buckets, more cans, paint buckets again……

I do believe strongly that a proper graffiti artist respects the area they paint on. And that they want to make stuff beautiful and share their creations. But these guys in the woods.. They might as well take a big as dump on a ballerina dress… that’s how I would word it. This amazing place to make their art, a canvas of awesomeness…. It never ended! It was so long that it took us 20 minutes for us to follow it one way. To have this golden place and to just … well a picture says more than a thousand words is the saying… so here you go…. *face palm*



These little shits do not respect this art form at all. This is one of the reasons to why so many people hate graffiti.. Because in their minds graffiti is linked to trash. If you’re going to do some street art like this… CLEAN THE FUCK UP! and make it tasteful..

Tyresö “graffiti artists” am ashamed of you.

If someone would volunteer with me and clean this shit up email me at… Hate being in the woods by myself o,o

Photos Taken by: Julia Jacobsson/M33pblub/MissM33p
Photos Taken with: Samsung Galaxy s2

Location: Sweden, Stockholm, Tyresö

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3 thoughts on “Graffiti “trash” artists….

  1. I can’t agree with you more. If we want to remove the stigma associated with graffiti and receive accommodation from non-artists, we should first accommodate them first.

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