Gold, Gold and…gas masks!

Bought 1 can of gold spray today… I got inspired by some art I saw on simple cardboard in a coffee shop here in Stockholm while waiting for the 2 hour long queue to get a new passport.


So far I only made two pictures… the girl with the hair was the test.. turned out pretty good. If you look from a distance….the other one well… just wanted to try something to go with the back ground. Its not done yet but hopefully someone will love it and get it on my etsy shop! so ill put a bit more love in to that one then the sloppy girl!

Am not going to be able to sleep now, I will paint until the can is empty! and everything gold…. then maby ill watch a movie… Golden Eye?


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One thought on “Gold, Gold and…gas masks!

  1. Have cousins who live in Stockholm..

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