Tyresö Skatepark

Tyresö Skatepark

Tyresö is the area I live in Stockholm. Its a pretty nice area and they just got a a skate park there a few years ago. Now I don’t skate, bike or do anything but my boyfriend does so yeah… I camp at the side line and draw a bit! thing is most people that is there is young kids on kick bikes… I mean LOADS of them. 5-10 year olds with out parents infesting the little park. Now this are is not big at all so with 20 kids there its probably very hard for the skaters to use it during the day time. So they wait until night time!
Night time comes and BOOM… empty..

but then the trouble makers come out. The guys and girls that Do not Skate but sit at the side line and cause trouble… like burning the tables (see pic) with their lighters, messing up the sign that has cost the community a lot of money to put up, destroying the seats around the park, trash everywhere, twigs and cans ON the platforms. Now I don’t mind all the graffiti on the concrete, tables and benches , its suppose to be on a skate park but all the trash. Sure people can break there necks and legs skating but with glass and cans laying there as well….seems like the brats of Tyresö Kommun don’t know jack shit about how to respect an area that has been given to them by the community’s tax payers and Stockholm Sub Surfers has helped them fight for.
I feel sorry for the dedicated users of this park to have to come there when it looks like a tip. One of the bigger once in the middle of Stockholm don’t even come close to this one. Next time am going there ill bring a bag and clean it up a bit. Id hate to be the one whining about this and not doing anything at all to try prevent someone from slashing there knee caps on a piece of glass. Even if the 20 kick bike kids are annoying, who would like to see them get hurt by a old beer can? I don`t.
Why does people feel like destroying things? I don’t get it.

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One thought on “Tyresö Skatepark

  1. No code to follow anymore as a skater or sidline junkie…im sure if something was said it would compound the problem 20X. try a tazer, or maybe hire a big meathead to just smack them across the face. One lick should do the trick and just sit and laugh at them. I never understood the throwing trash thing.

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