People that makes me happy!

There are two types of people.. the once that makes you happy and the once that drains all your energy.

I try my best to avoid the bad once… but when I have had a hard day and just feel negative I do 2 things.

The first thing is to log in to WoW and jump with my Gnome… just jump. That’s usually enough…

If this don’t help I go to YouTube and find the two people that always makes me smile just because they are so positive and inspiring.

Kandee Johnson – Cute and happy makeup artist that has had a very hard life but managed to turn that around with the help of her family and kids and made it big time thanks to YouTube and her personality. Watching this girl just talking and being very goofy and happy brings a smile to my face! And she don’t take herself  to serious.

Kandee’s channel-

Leilani joy – She shines when she speaks just like Kandee…but this one is another kind of Artist. Leilani makes some funny and cool paintings from acrylics, glue or stuff she finds around her. She gives me as a artist lots of inspiration and ever since I found her videos on YouTube 1 weeks ago I haven’t put my pens down. And my “have to buy” Arts supply list have grown to twice the size.

Leilani’s channel-

….but now time to get dragged out in the middle of the night to take some cool photos!

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