Blizzard I love you but get your act together…

Have Blizzard Entertainment armour design team lost the plot?…

I feel like writing something about how they have designed the armours the last 4 years …or since Naxx 40.. or was it before that they lost there inspiration? I feel like writing a long rant just screaming some bad words but… am still in Shock on how bad the armour in the new expansion looks… its almost so AQ40 beats it. I mean this is only my opinion and there is probably someone that loves the design but… me, no.

If the designers have lost there inspiration, if they are busy or if Blizzard just want to put there best on a some other game or if the good designers have left the company why not hire one of the 14 million players… sorry 11 million…I am sure one or more of the dedicated fans would LOVE to design the armours and are well aware of the style, mood and colour tones to match the rest of the WoW World… but I bet you they will make armour that looks amazing and not like this dog shit gray matter waste of money pixels.

GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!… really I am a positive person and always give peeps more then 1 chance.. but after over 4 years of crap, I say CRAP designs on classes armours and on top of that armours that you cant even tell the difference between a warlock, mage or priest…….am embracing the negative side and acting like a little brat.

Its not fun to play a game when the people that has made it has lost there love for it. Why should the players play a game that the Developers and Designers are slowly killing?

The only once that is a threat to World of Warcraft success is Blizzard themselves.

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