What happen to being Nice?

Am not a negative person but this little entry might sound like I am. Sometimes even the most positive people must have somewhere to vent. I can’t vent to my boyfriend because he don’t give a shit. That’s just how he is… he don’t give a flying fuck. I wish I had that mentality sometimes.

The issue I have that is making me go bananas is the customer support in shops where I live in Stockholm.

The superheroes of the world, the people that gives you guidance and support in your day to day life. If you have something wrong with any technology in your home, if you need to buy food, gas… the customer service person shines with his or hers lack of passion for the job. Am not saying all company’s in Sweden has shit costumer service but the once I have had the pleasant experience to talk to or meet every time I need to buy Milk does.

The phone company I have a contract with has the best customer support that’s why I picked them. So customer support has influenced me in where I spend my money. But when it comes to buying your food you don’t have that luxury. You can’t just think “oh I like the shop 66 miles from here so am only buying food from them” you have to rely on the shops close buy or driving distance.

I got 3 shops that are within my rage that I have to do my shopping… and each and every one of them are bad. Apart from a few single people like the baker in one of them that I have talked to once or the young boy that was working one summer in the shop 4 years ago. The rest are just… bad.

A normal shopping trip is easy… you go in to the shop you get your stuff and then you got to the cashier. And there IT is.. the non-smiling, non-compassionate, non-speaking cashier. She looks at you… starts passing the food threw the beeping machine.. oh wait! Her/his friend just got in to the shop!!!! IT starts talking… but not to me, not the customer…no… to the friends “heya how yah doing! Party tonight?”… you stand there feeling like you’re in the way. Like it’s your fault that she needs to sit there. Well it kind of is but she gets paid and she has an obligation to her BOSS to be a nice cashier. She’s not paid to sit there and talk to his or her friends or be nasty to the people that is making him money. She’s there to give service to customers.

In the shop closest to us me and my mom almost felt yelled at once for giving the cashier a coupon. We didn’t know that they had updated there system that the coupon is built in to our card already…we had probably missed that part in the newsletter. All this cashier had to do was take it, say thank you and throw it away. No not this one…. She took it, looked at it, looked at my mom with murder in her eyes and said “we don’t want this, it’s on your card” then gave it back to my mom.

These are just two short stories on how these 3 shops in Stockholm are. The once who read this will probably never go there but am sure you have similar stories where you live.

What is annoying to me is that I have worked as a customer support for a very big company with customer age range between 5 to 95 and I have never in my 2 years yelled, screamed or been rude to any customer. They are the once that in the end of the day pay my bill. The nicer I am the more customers the company gets and the happier your Boss will be and hopefully the more money your status you get in the end! 😛

Why on earth does not ALL company’s lay some value in how there Face out in to the world behaves? Why settle for shit when you can have the best? If I had my own company whether I was selling earplugs or high-end fashion I would make damn sure that the people working for me would be the top quality customer support representatives. I would make sure that any negative feedback from a customer would go threw me or one of my sub-bosses and we would work with the employee to improve the relationship that the employee have with customers. I would drill it to all my employees that the customers are a fragile little baby that needs to be wrapped in cotton but at the same time you should have 100% respect for him/her and listen to their issue or give them a friendly smile when they buy there Grapes and Carrots. A friendly smile can light up a whole day for a lonely person. Who knows that person might just go to the shop to get some social contact and what will happen if the simplest thing like a rude cashier can make him go home and commit suicide. I know extreme case…sorry!…. But it can happen with today’s mental instability and stress. I mean a phone call from someone rude that hates their own job can give your whole day dark and gloomy.


Illustrations: m33pblub

Show some respect for yourself and your Company. If you are a customer support representative, make damn sure you act like one.

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