How to…Markers!

Before I started using Markers as my favorite tool/medium to work with i had to do some research on how to use these in the best way. It took me some time as i am not a fan of searching for information in books or on the internet when it comes to my Art, when i feel like drawing something I want to do it NOW! Not in a few hours. Whilst it took sometime I managed to scrape together some information that helped me a lot but all the information I got was from many different tutorials on YouTube, blogs, googled random pages etc even the make of the favorite pens I use did not have a “How to…” guide. So I have now decided to do one of my own to help others such as myself that would like a simple short guide on how to get started and who does not want to spend hours finding the information they want sooner rather than later.
Markers are for everyone beginners like me or Pros. This are easy to blend if your fast enough and very easy to shade using only one pen of the same color… if one pen is all you have that’s all you need! 😛 I have found that if i use Markers… I can make almost anything look good! at least compared to my other work… brrrr.. Some days you just can’t draw! But with these most days when you feel like drawing your idea ends up pretty damn good!
First you need the Markers. Now I prefer this brand (Letraset ProMarkers, permanent Twin-tip) but there are many brands out there that you may find better for your style or price range as they are a bit heavy on the wallet! The ones I use have one Broad and one Thin Tip and I love that with these. The big plus is that these Markers come in every single color you can imagine and if you can’t find the color you want you can always kind of mix em up when you paint with them on-top of each other. Its Great!


Second thing you need if you like doing Fine Lines, is a pen that’s Bleed-Proof. This means it dries fast and that when going over the line with a Marker it won’t bleed in to the color. You can get these pens in most colors from any art shop and they are relatively cheap. You can also get them in many different thicknesses. I have mine in 0.1 mm or 0.05 mm. You can use thicker ones if you want of course! It’s all down to the style you have in mind for your artwork.

Bleed-Proof Paper:

Third…and this one is very important if you want to draw a clean picture and to bring out the colors the best in your drawing with the markers. Bleed-proof paper.. now this can be tricky to find at least where I live in Stockholm. But if you can’t find it in an art shop you can always order it online. This paper is developed for use with Alcohol based markers. And as it says on the  paper I have ….” ensures superb color definition”. Bleed proof means that the colors you use wont bleed in to each other that much and it wont go through the paper on to the next paper. See pics below… and no its not blood.

NON-Bleed Proof and Bleed Proof Paper

Now these are 3 small things that I found scattered on the internet that have become my basic rules. I am not saying you can’t use any other paper or markers etc… this is just what I found was best for me and it might help you.

One more thing that I almost use all the time is a white pen. Dry, gel or ink that’s up to you… what I use this for is fine tuning or adding glears in the eyes, sweat, drool, highlights etc once I have finishes the picture. Sometimes i Go over board with my glears and highlights as the pics will show below… but its a good way to pimp your drawing up. I know one artist that even use normal acrylic paint on his marker drawings! and that works too…. if you dont use too much water :s it gets a bit bubbly.

This drawing i made yesterday and as you can see in it it’s not perfect. But its cool looking and I have tried to use as much color as possible on top of other colors. I started out doing a drawing in pencil as you see on the right side of the face as it’s a bit darker. I went over that side with an Ivory color marker on top of the pencil to get the darker look. (If you do this, clean the pen on another paper before you go over to the right side…. mistake learned! pencil gets stuck to your marker tip)

You can do some pretty cool effects with bleeding pens and the markers! So don’t be scared! Just make sure to draw a few lines on a clean piece of paper after as they can get a bit discolored.
I could go through this whole pic and tell you what I have done with it but i drew it’s just to give you a little idea on what you can do and how to do it with these awesome markers! In the picture below you have seen me draw a thick line with a Rose color then gone over it with the Rose color again together with a blue, green and red to see the different shades. Now the more you go over 1 color with the same color the darker it gets. So it’s the perfect way to do some easy shading. Just make sure that the marker dries for a few seconds before you go over it again as the paper can still get too wet if you don’t and then get destroyed.

What I have also noticed with these Markers is that if you paint this amazing picture that I am sure you will do! Let the picture rest for 1 hour or so and then go back and check it before you do the final touches. As the Markers look better when you let them dry for a bit… it’s like a good bit of meat. After you take it out of the over let it sit for a few minutes so the meat can rest and the natural and meaty taste will get better!
I hope this little starting guide helps and if you have any comments on what you think should be added or removed! Or some questions just send it my way I am happy to help! And if you have any more tips for me on how to draw with these I am all ears!
Have a brilliant day and thank you for reading this and remember that you don’t have to use these little tips… if you like drawing with markers on bleeding paper or doing some cool effects with a red ballpoint pen and the markers… it’s all up to you! In the end of the day it is yourself that can decide what ways is the best way for you and for your Art! I had an Art teacher once telling me that a real artist doesn’t use the color White or Black… well i would say that’s bad advice! If you like it use it!

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