I had to contact the immigrations today as my boyfriend is living with me in Sweden and is not a swedish citizen. Due to some issues with the papers I had to call them and ask why nothing has happen. When the person in the other end answered I noticed right away how my mood went from High to Low in a few seconds. She did not like her job at all. She was mean, rude, in a rush and just all round nasty. She didnt listen to what I said and was not service minded at all.

When you need help with something you expect as a customer etc that the person on the other end is nice, helpful and know what they talk about. As I have customer support experience myself I understand that some days are bad but you need to bite bullet and just get on with it. Fake a smile and help as good as you can, its not the customers fault you got sand in your vagina. This person I ended up talking with today did not have the same mind-set as I have and even hung up the phone before I was able to say “ty for the info, and have a nice day”… okay so I got the facts that I needed and hopefully the issue I had will be solved. But how I was left feeling…

I feel stupid, that’s how I felt. The way she spoke to me made me feel like a 5-year-old. That makes me also feel sorry for peeps coming from all over the world and need help and don’t even know swedish or english. How do they feel? first of all they probably feel lost, scared and worried as they had to leave their own country and seek refuge in Sweden but then have to talk to people like the one I had to talk to. Brrr…

SO what did I do… I applied for a job at the immigration office. I belive they need my warm, gentle, understanding and smile. Okay so I don’t know how they work their, I don’t know the laws 100% and I only know swedish and English. But with the right training +plus my personality I can be one of their best employees. So I felt like a 5-year-old for about 1 minute then I got myself a spine and applied.

Sometimes its hard to turn something negative in to positive but if you can you should.

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